Monday, November 27, 2006

Burning inside...

Can you hear it?
Like a tree on fire
Rumbling and falling
I am burning inside...

Can you feel it?
Like a heart set on desire
Breaking and shaking
I am burning inside...

Can you cure it? Make this pain go away?
Like a thirsty fool in a mirage
Wincing and pining
I am burning inside...

Like a forest fire... silently spreading
To places inside me... I have been fearing...
Moment after moment... an eternity of dying...
Till there's nothing left but ashes simmering...
Telling a story of a heart...
That was burning inside!

(to be modified)
Monday, Nov 27 2006, 2.30-3.08 pm

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A poem I just wrote...

Ever remember
When we were kids
How we would play
A game of cards?
And hold those pieces
Close to our hearts
Lest we reveal
To surreptitious glances
All that we had
And worse still....
All that we didn't!

That one moment, dreaded and cold,
When people know
The cards that you hold
And their eyes glow
With the hint of knowing
That you 'll never win
You sat there defeated
Even before
A single card was played
And wished it was all over...
Wished for a new game!

That was years ago...
We were just kids...
But now the cards are real
We hold them everyday
Closer and closer to our hearts
And go out into the world
Hoping no one will see
A card that will defeat you
Before you have had a chance to play...

Cos the stakes are higher
Its not a game anymore
No matter what the cards,
A new game there won't be...
The cards won't be dealt again,
These are the cards,
You have to play with...
This is the game
that you have to win...

Thursday, 2 Nov, 2006
1.25-1.40 pm