Friday, November 25, 2005

True love...

There are a few moments in your life, when you feel you are in the presence of true love, and you often cherish those for life. I sometimes feel that the sum total of ones existence is the few moments of love and affection that we have in our lives; it is the simple hugs, the careless pecks and the mischievious nudges, those few moments in which your heart took a leap, that you remember even years later. And if you have ever been in love, you will know when you are in the presence of true love.

Last evening I was at a friend's place and we were having a get-together for Thanksgiving. It was here that I met this couple, and looking at them during the evening, I just knew how truly in love they were. It was a kind of quiet, confident love that you don't get to see everyday. One of them is a friend of mine, and I felt I had never seen her like this, she was always pretty, but yesterday... She was so happy, her face was glowing, and she was looking really beautiful... We were all so very happy to see her happy.

Everyone could see the chemistry between the two. Perhaps, I am a bit more intuitive, and I could feel a bit of the history too. I could feel how much they had been through the years, the ups and downs, and I don't know why I felt this way, but that every smile today had been paid for with some tears in the past.

The two made the evening extra special for me; for sometime now I have been really cynical about love. Sometime back I had written in this blog an article titled
"Once I too was pure and naive" . I remembered my friend Shashi and how much in love he was and how we used to talk for hours at King Circle at 'Garnish' about these things. Once I came here, I kind of felt I had lost sight of true love, it was always a throw-it-in-your-face, "hey its us"-kind of love that you often get to see here.

Not that I have anything against it. But I feel that still waters run deep, love need not always be obvious, and if it is true, it will show. I had begun to think that it doesn't happen that way anymore.

I felt true love no longer exists. And I am so glad I was wrong about that.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Yearning for magic again...

Yearning for magic again...
Dreaming of ----- again...
Riding the wings of desire
Flying away from pain...

Riding the wings of desire, flying away from pain,
Life is a beautiful game.