Saturday, September 24, 2005

Once I too was pure and naive...

Sometimes I wonder, how I have come to become all that I once hated. A cynical non-believer in love. One who cannot accept that no matter how much two people are in love, it is a facade both of them are putting up until the time comes to emerge from behind their masks. That we are all selfish people. Of course, there is a reason why I have unknowingly started thinking this way. I have seen it happening all around me.

Once I too was pure and naive,
The world was beautiful all around me
How I wished I could have stayed the same;
I am sure it would be
A lie to myself. Yet I would be
Happier than what I am today,
A cynic who lives day by day.

On lonely days, I sit down and think. Why things didnt work out. Why the idealist in me died. Why I stopped believing. Why it was so much better when I was man enough to cry.

It was so much better when I believed. I really want to believe again. In love. In destiny. And I will, one day, even if there is a fraction of a reason to believe.

Wish I had stayed naive.