Thursday, April 27, 2006

A singular event at 4733 Aldgate Green

< Note>

This article (?) was posted earlier in September 2005 but it proved to be very controversial, so it was taken off the blog. However, several readers expressed a wish to see this article up again. (OK, that is a blatant lie). So I am putting it up again, however all the controversial statements have been removed.


< /Note >

I swear its true. It really happened. This goes back to March 2005. J and I were deep into our study books (yeah right) when we were disturbed by a singular event.

We looked at each other in astonishment. Something totally unheard of was happening. We were hearing human voices from the other room in our townhouse. This room, among other belongings, contained our roomies N and K and a couple of sparrows staying in the roof of that room. Till that day, the only sounds escaping that room were chirps from the sparrows, who, perhaps sensed that the room needed some liveliness.

And now this was happening. My belief in humanity was being shattered. J cautiously took a few steps towards their room and I followed at a safe distance. No-one knew what to do. J gently opened the door and the sight that lay before us, was unique, rare and wonderful.

To our surprise, N was looking at K and saying something. To our further astonishment, K was listening intently and nodding in agreement.


This had never happened before. We got nervous, uncomfortable and restless. A code had been broken. Not knowing what to do, we stood there, dumbfounded. The sparrows listened too. They weren't used to human voices. Till now they accounted for most of the speech in that room. And now out of nowhere, this was happening right in front of their tiny sparrow eyes!! They cleverly recognized this as a rare opportunity to hear some conventional English words, and took their positions behind the student benches.

And so we all just stood there and watched the great miracle, which is paralleled only by the miracle of the day when J slept for just a little over 8 hours.

We watched. The sparrows watched. N spoke. K listened. It was a golden moment that is frozen in time and etched on my mind.

Amazingly enough, I lived through it to tell it all.