Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Love Letter ...

A love letter I never posted... those of you who attended the valentine day party in 2005 have already got this one :) Its kinda silly n kiddish, but close to my heart because I read it out to someone when I was a teen and she was more amused than impressed :) So I finished reading the poem to her and waited for a response, but she looked only amused. Finally she said, I like the lines with "to live with you or live without you..." and even though she probably didn't mean it, it more than made my day :)) Now I know what you are thinking, but hey, gimme a break, I was only fifteen!

A Love Letter ...

If you think someone's been waiting for you through the long years dear
I wonder if you shall even think of me as one of the people for whom you care

Perhaps you will recognize there dwells a love for you even in my eyes
& it is there that the dream I so often love to dream lies.

But will you be able to make out the meaning of my stammering lines?
Or will you never realize you are the one for whom my heart pines?

Whether or not you come to know, my love for you will remain the same!
& I will always look around at the mention of your sweet name

To live with you or to live without you makes all the difference in life to me
But still what matters even more is to see my sweet baby happy!

If you love me too, tell me so & I will give you all my love ever
But if you think we'd better be friends, I promise you my friendship forever!