Sunday, May 07, 2006

The letter...

A poem I wrote back in college... thankfully its not inspired from my life!

The letter

He opened her letter slowly
[Lest it should tear apart]
And noticed how easily
She had broken his heart.

She wrote of ideals long cherished
And duties of her own
She pointed out how she too wished
Not to leave him alone.

Then she spoke of her desires
Which made her write all this
How she now wished to acquire
Fame and worldly bliss.

Her love for him was unending,
She said throughout the note
That was why she was sending
The letter which she wrote.

She had to think of her own life
And fulfil her aspirations
It would hurt his heart and hers
But it had to be done.

He stared at the blank cover
And uttered agonizing screams
But the letter was over
And so were his dreams!

He closed his eyes in silent pray
And again wiped his tears
He had read the same letter everyday
For the last twenty years.

(c) deep