Monday, May 15, 2006

What turns you on in a girl...

* darkness... music of the 90s hit song 'tu mujhe suna main tujhe sunau apni prem kahani' from Chandni plays in the background...*

* music fades and curtain slowly opens.... narrator speaks.... *

On an otherwise normal day beginning at 5pm, I sat down with K to discuss the finer things of life. The discussion swayed to how one perceives which girl is good looking or not. That also kicked up some dust about our preconceived notions. Out of the blue, K asked:

*lights... K and D are sitting on the bed discussing...*

K: So what turns you on in a girl??

D: hmmm...

K: It has to be something measurable... it can't be vague like she has to be sophisticated or something like that... Something like her eyes should be a certain way...

D: hmmm... (visualizing, only for dramatic effect and watching K's reaction... which included his eyes widening in anticipation)... Long hair!!

I thought that was it. Of course K the wily fox was not to be satisfied by such answers!

K: hmm... long hair... long hair.... (repeating this to himself... I had no idea why, but knew soon...)

K: So what kind of long hair...?

D: Hmm... just long hair?

K: No! Straight or curly?

D: Straight! Actually straight or curly doesn't make a big difference, but preferably straight!

K: hmmm...

D: So what is your turn on?

K: Curly hair!

D: You mean long curly hair...?

K: Nahi, any type of curly hair...

D: Even if she has short hair?

K: Yes...

D: Even if she has only one hair, and it is curly!!

Both: Hee hee hee!!

D: I think straight is good.. because you can always make it curly...

K: (incredulously and almost screaming) Curly can also be made straight!!!!!!!!

D: (calmly, acting as if my family business is hair parlors) well... yeahhh... but curly to straight will cost you more!!

Both: Hee hee hee haw haw haw!!

*exit rolling and laughing all at once... *

*Narrator: as the cliche goes, beauty lies in the eyes yada yada yada... so you would have to see her with my eyes to know what I mean... kind of like what someone once said..."meri nazar se tum dekho toh yaar nazar woh aaye~~"*

* title music starts playing... lights fade... curtains!!*