Saturday, April 01, 2006

Annapolis my love...

Here are some photos from my trip to Annapolis with my friend Joel D'sa in September 2005 (photos courtesy: Joel D'sa). For the uninitiated, Annapolis is the capital of Maryland.

Annapolis is beautiful!! I am the kind of person who loves cities with old charm, and Annapolis was full of it... There is a small region where everything from buildings to the tiles on the road are red in color and its just beautiful to walk in the evening. Some people don't understand this joy because they are always looking for landmarks to see. But, you see, thats the beauty! The peace you will find there will win your heart easily.

I have been planning for a long time to go there one day, with a book and my ipod, and sit there for a couple of hours in the evening... It will be fun, a book to read, smiling people, and a cup of coffee on a pleasant evening, surrounded by red buildings and looking out into the sea. I promise myself, I am going to do this!!

There's also the Naval academy, there are some pictures of that and our cruise in the sea too. Hope you like them.

Footprints in the trails of water?

A bad day at sea is better than a good day at work!

Annapolis Naval Academy

I loved walking around the old city

Road to the sea

Red is the color in the air