Sunday, September 25, 2005

The fight within...

When aims and ambitions
Clash with feelings and emotions
The mind wanders into a world of miseries
Uncured by fitness potions.

When the thinking mind pursues one thing,
& the heart endorses another,
The soul flutters in between & feels:
What would it do rather?

O loves of my life! & passions!
& my ambitions! Gather!
Couldn`t we break all old notions
And get along together?


ps: okie, that wasn't so good, but it was honest, I often feel I should be able to follow my heart, do what I really want to do even when I tread the path to academic success. And man, do these things clash! And so it is that things like learning either the piano or a guitar, getting back to my school friends, spending more time with my new friends, all take a backseat. I wish I could do all that. If someone could teach me how to.