Friday, October 06, 2006

Missing Riverbend...

Where is Riverbend? I have been missing a post from her for some time now. I hope she is safe. She has not posted on her blog since 5th August now, and she generally posts within 10-15 days.

For the uninitiated, Riverbend is a girl from Baghdad who has documented her life in war-torn Baghdad for the past few years. Her blog has received worldwide attention, many supporters and a large number of detractors. Her blog reminds me of Anne Frank's diary, it is written in similarly simple language, and provides a window into the life of someone living the horror that is Baghdad today. (She writes (understandably) anonymously, and nobody knows the actual person or her real name. Some people claim that she is not real, but after reading her posts for more than an year, I am inclined to believe otherwise.)

Her blog has also been made into a book called "Baghdad Burning". I would recommend it as a very thought provoking read.


Feminist Press:


Was it a coincidence that her last post was titled "Summer of Goodbyes"? I pray to God that it is. That it wasn't a hidden message. That she will come back.