Monday, June 04, 2007

Twitter is coming

When I first saw Twitter, it seemed to me like an entertaining but mostly useless exercise in vanity. However, the more I use it (see What am I doing on the RHS of this page), read about it and see it being used, I get convinced that there is some value here.

Can you believe it, John Edwards has a twitter page! What a great way to tell your voters what you have been thinking about, talking about and where you are at. Of course, these could easily be fake, like this one for Bill Clinton. Although the John Edwards one looks genuine.

Also found a similar twitter page for recently, where followers could get texted or IMed about a new product as soon as it as posted. It seems whenever instant status updates are required, be it product updates, shuttle/train progress or just plain lovebird updates for people who want to keep a check on their better halves, this might be a useful thing to have.

Is it just me or are the twitter guyz on to something here?