Thursday, June 22, 2006

दु:खाच्या घरी...

I am posting my latest Marathi poem here. As it turned out, I had to translate it for one of my friends, as she doesn't know Marathi. So I already have an English explanation for this one ready. Although, as you will see, it doesn't sound the same in English. And yeah, the English part is in prose. Hope you like it.

Some background for English readers before I begin: So I have considered 'Sorrow' and 'Happiness' to be two individuals... 'Sorrow' is giving a party at his house to everyone... even though everyone hates "Sorrow", they have come there for the drinks!... so thats the background... the title means "At Sorrow's home"...

(I guess this is sounding mighty stupid in English, but I will continue all the same... I do stupid things everyday, so why should today be any different! :P)

दु:खाच्या घरी...

दु:खाच्या घरी एकदा
जमली होती पार्टी
दारु बीरु पीऊन अगदी
झींगली होती कार्टी...

(Once there was a party at "Sorrow's" house... and all the guests were totally intoxicated!)

दु:ख म्हणाले " दोस्तानों!
बिलकुल लाजू नका
इतके दिवस छ्ळल म्हणून
राग मानू नका!

("Sorrow" said to everyone... Friends! I know I have troubled all of you for so many days... but please...forget all that... and please enjoy yourselves to the fullest... I am really sorry about all these days that I have been troubling you... I need to come clean today...)

मनात खूप साठल आहे
काहीच सुचत नाही
माझी 'स्टोरी' सांगीतल्या शिवाय
आता राहवत नाही...

(So many things are filled in my mind right now...I just can't think clearly... I must tell you my story... today... I must, I must...)

मी आणि सुख दोघे
जुळे भाऊ होतो
पाच वर्षांचे होतो तेव्हा
जत्रेत गेलो होतो...

(Me and Happiness... we were both twin brothers... and when were very young, we went to a fair... )

गर्दी अशी जमली
नी गोंधळ असा उठला...
माणसांच्या त्या गर्दी मध्ये
सुखाचा हात सुटला!

(and there was such a rush... and such a chaos... that in that commotion of people, the hand of "Happiness" slipped away from my hand...)

तेव्हा पासून फ़िरतोय शोधत
दुनियेच्या जत्रेत
दिसतोय का 'सुख' माझा
कुणाच्या ही नजरेत..."

(And I have been roaming around looking for my "Happiness" everywhere from that day onwards... I look at everyone's eyes, hoping to find a glimpse of my dear "Happiness"...")

सुखा बरोबरचे लहानपणीचे
क्षण त्याला स्मरले
आणि सुखाच्या आठवणीने
दु:ख ढसाढसा रडले!

(Sorrow remembered the lovely moments in childhood that he had spent with "happiness" and such was his grief that "Sorrow" started crying loudly remembering "happiness")

नशा सगळ्यांची उतरली
दु:खाकडे पाहून!
दु:खालाही सुख मिळावे
वाटले राहून राहून...

(Everyone was sloshed... but looking at "Sorrow's" state... they just came back to their senses... and everyone really felt from the bottom of their heart... even "sorrow" deserved to get back his " happiness" ... all that "sorrow" had done was forgotten and now all they wanted was for "sorrow" to be reunited with "happiness")

सुखाच्या शोधामध्ये आता
मी सुद्धा फ़िरतोय
दु:खाला शांत करायचा
खूप प्रयत्न करतोय...

(I was there at that party... Yea I was... and now I am also looking for "Happiness"... for the sake of sorrow... to make him silent... to give him peace...)

जीवनाच्या रथाचे
आहेत सुख दु:ख सारथी
सुख मिळाले तर दु:खाच्या घरी
मीच देईन पार्टी!

(because happiness and sorrow are the drivers of the chariot of life... and life does not make sense without both of them... and really, if I find "happiness"... or if any of you find happiness...please let me know... I will give another party at the house of "sorrow")