Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Two trips to Ellicott city!

I have been feeling pretty down lately... It reached a limit last night around midnight... I called N and J and we went for a drive to Arundel Mills where we had coffee. Turns out that didnt help me at all. I dropped them home and set out on a drive alone. Just like that, I drove to Ellicott city. Something about that place gives me a little peace inside.

I came back to the lab around 2 am hoping to get some work done. Then something happened that brightened my day (rather night :)). I just met a friend online and somehow talking with that person made everything better in 5 minutes. I could not believe the change in my mood and I could not believe I could be so volatile in my emotions. Do I know myself anymore? I just was so happy I went for a drive once again, listening to my favorite songs and singing them at the top of my voice!! It was nothing short of a joy ride, at the end of which I had completed my second trip to Ellicott city. Make that two and a half, cos halfway back from this second trip, I turned and made another trip!

When I came home at 5.30 am, all I could do was fall asleep quietly.