Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Another Zidane??!!!

After some time spent in solemn thinking yesterday, the world is seeing the funny side of yesterday's head-butting event by Zidane. Heres a really funny video sent to me by my friend Sandy, with the title "Another Zidane"!! I almost fell down the chair laughing at this one!!

Update: I had uploaded this video on YouTube and enabled comments. One of the commenters called FraChan seems to have a good explanation for the goalkeepers sudden temper-flash! :P

I guess it went like this: THe goalkeeper's team had to score and the time was running out (92"), the player of the red/orange team was in offside but shot anyway to waste time, so the goalkeeper tries to kill him.
The ref, shows the yellow card to the player and I guess it was the second one because he was sent off.
Only yellow card for the goalie"