Saturday, July 01, 2006

Match on!!

I am watching Brazil versus France. I started out as a Brazil supporter in the beginning, but France are just playing so well that now I want them to win. And even as I was thinking of writing this, France has scored an amazing goal!

Take out the B from BRA and put in a F.

Hope FRA wins now cos BRA is just not upto it today!!

Go Zidane!!

Update: France has won and will face Portugal in the semi-finals. The way things are placed, I envisage a France-Germany final. That alone will be worthy of a final. But you never know.

And about todays match. I can feel the pain of all Brazil fans, me being one when the match started! But I don't think they played well at all, and in fact struggled to even keep the ball for a long time.

I had a chat with a friend just minutes after the match, excerpts of which sum it all up!
prash: france won dude

me: yup!! amazing!!

prash: the better team won

me: what the f was ronaldo doing dude ?
he seemed to be more interested in falling down and earning favors

prash: what the f was brazil doin!

me: instead of taking the ball ahead himself he just wanted favors
no effort
no f-ing effort man

prash: zidane played like a star shld in his last world cup

me: ohh yea man
it was amazing
specially he was just so composed
all the time

prash: he is the coolest soccer player

me: stuff stars are made of... yea
knowing its his last match...
he had such a calm composure
very impressive

prash: and the respect he gets from all the players including brazil says it all

me: yea man did u see that free kick ronaldo earned in the 88th minute
man that was so unfair!

prash: sum1 like apna dravid

me: there was no offense, he just fell down

prash: no offence at all

me: it wud have been sad if ronaldino had converted that free kick
they didn't deserve that free kick man

prash: true
truely man
the better team won

prash: i think its gonna be france vs germany

me: hmm... yea... anything else wud be unfair

And inspite of all this bravado, I am sad its over for Brazil. Good-bye Brazil, it was just not to be this time :(